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The Big Ideas Show

I was invited to go on the Big Ideas Show with Liu Batchelor on Academy FM to talk about Reading for Wellbeing.  The interview was aired on Saturday 22nd July.  Listeners heard all about Reading for Wellbeing, how it all started and why I decided to set it up.  Liu asked me some great questions during the three segments and really put me at ease.  We talked about how the sessions work and what participants can expect.  We then went on to talk about my relationship with books and why I chose this method.  I shared my own history and reasons for using books through difficult times.  I talked about my challenges and how people can get involved.  Off air we had a great chat about how important partnership working is.  Also how hard it can be to find the right funding and getting people involved.

As the show was a pre-recorded I got to tune in myself at 11am.  I managed to get across everything I hoped to and share with the listeners my own personal journey.  It was a great experience and I hope that more people will want to get involved!








Don’t worry if you missed it, a recording of the interview will be posted online soon so you can listen in!

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